The Internet BUZZ Is Illegal Immigrants Fear Sweeping ICE Raids This Weekend


LATEST NEWS: ICE Agents Arrive In Florida Ahead of Scheduled Raids … Read more here & watch video of them arriving! #DeportThemAll

TODAY: Border Patrol Stopped Invasion With Rubber Bullets ... Real Bullets Tomorrow?


Migrants attempted to invade The USA at the Tijuana border but were stopped short by Border Patrol shooting at them with rubber bullets!

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Its An Invasion! Soros Is Now 'Busing' In Migrant Caravan; American Mexicans Protesting

President Trump is going to make an announcement soon about Emergency Declaration on the U.S. Southern Border.

Migrant Caravan Along Southern Border Reaches 5,000 ~ It's An Invasion


Standoff overnight at Mexico’s southern border as migrant caravan of thousands tries to reach US … Read more here …