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COVID + CIA + Pharma + Deep State = Medical Constitutional Crisis


Part I: The How and Why of it

COVID19 + CIA + Pharma + Deep State = MedicalConstitutional CrisisConspiracy

Part I: The How and Why of it

by H. Michael Sweeney | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

IMAGE VIA obamawhitehouse.archives.gov

How have conspiracy theorists, intelligence communities, and ‘News Reporters’ (all over the World) all managed to have avoided playing the connect-the-dots and who benefits games when it comes to the countless warning signs and clues that some kind of conspiracy was afoot? Everything we have been told about Coronavirus, masks, lockdowns, how it spreads, the cures refuted (i.e., Ivermectin, etc.), the vaccines, the overplayed risks, false infection, hospitalization, and death counts, vaccine safety and efficacy, the ignored serious side effects and the massive ongoing unexplained deaths of the vaccinated… all of it, has been shown to be a concerted lie or some other form of conspiratorial clue.

Doctors Adjusting Oxygen Mask of Patient During COVID-19
Medical professionals adjusting oxygen mask of female patient in ward. Healthcare workers wearing protective coveralls. They are at hospital during COVID-19.

In fact, new evidence or revelations about the COVID falsehoods and even criminal acts are being revealed almost a quickly as are proofs that the 2020 election really was stolen… which is to say several times a week, at times daily. One of the more recent involves a murder, and is in its own section about more such murders, herein. Yet still, no one wants to suggest anything is wrong with this picture, unless it be to blame Trump, or ‘anti-vaxxers’ by some twisted logic. Allow me, then, to suggest a few dots to be connected between the thousand flaming pink (perhaps Chinese communist) Elephants flying about the room…

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Mark 5:26 (KJV), rather out of context, but quite apt: “And had suffered man things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing betterd, but rather grew worse.”

To do this, I’ll offer just 13 slides from a dramatically larger PowerPoint prepared for a private presentation on behalf of a non profit NGO, along with narrative words borrowed from the text notes which came with each slide, to provide a dot-like commentary. The group has, however, reluctantly concluded they would not like the full presentation to be made public, or to be named. This is to avoid the clear pattern of political targeting which has been used against anyone disagreeing with the official narrative. When people think like that, do you still live in the Land of the Free? Just arranging the release of just these 13 slides was not a decision easily arrived at. They reveal more than 13 things not generally known outside of insider circles, to include the very people who ought to have been launching investigations and seeking warrants, long ago, by that knowledge, alone.  That, or they do know, and are part of a conspiracy.

I leave it to you, to ask who benefits, reminding you that if ANYONE benefits, especially if several do so, and if there is ANY INDICATION of a cover up exists (like no one investigating, who should be doing so), it means there IS a conspiracy; a cover up is itself a proof of a conspiracy. According to the presentation, everything offered here comes from readily available resources online, chiefly newspapers, government sites, corporate and medical sites, and personal biographies, though some materials are beginning to be vanished from the Web, again implying a cover up in process, for this involves crimes against humanity.

IMAGE VIA AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Do the math

First, we should consider the math present within the title of his article. What it is saying in formulaic construct, is the sum of the cited building blocks establishes not just a Medical Crisis, but a Constitutional Crisis, as well as a conspiracy involving both causes. The Medical Crisis is obvious, on the face of it, but it is deeper than most people realize, for there is a kind of ‘fallout’ which has resulted, creating an even more dangerous and growing crisis than was COVID, in actuality, though we barely see signs of it, just yet.

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I’m speaking of the complete loss of faith and trust in every quarter of our medical industry, our mainstream media, and our politicians and governmental agencies. They have, virtually every man and woman of them, lied to us, or worse. Many were trying to and did kill us. ‘Just following orders,’ ‘I would loose my job,’ ‘I made a mistake,’ or ‘I didn’t really understand what was happening,’ does not excuse the liability, guilt, and criminality of their actions/inactions.

IMAGE VIA hanhaa.com

Luke 4:23 (KJV) “And he said unto them, Ye will surely say unto me this proverb, Physician, heal thyself: whatsoever we have heard done in Capernaum, do also here I thy country.” The true context is about Nazarenes disbelieving that the Jesus, the Carpenter’s Son they knew as a boy, was the Messiah, just as we now disbelieve our physicians are who they claim to be.

Screenshot - 5_17_2022 , 10_31_42 PM burning bill of rights - 2022 truth

The Constitutional Crises comes in several forms, as well. First we have the efforts by conspirators in government/Deep State to push for various unconstitutional laws and policies ‘in the name of medical safety.’ I speak of contemplated efforts such as forced vaccinations, biochip tracking implants or other tracking systems, including vaccination-record travel papers. There was also the millions of people who lost their jobs unlawfully over conscientious objections to vaccination, and similar abrogation of rights by E.O. style edicts at Federal and State levels, and corporations. But it all continues, and all signs point to a second, worse pandemic plandemic to follow, far worse than the last, according the same ‘experts’ who have been lying to us about the last one.

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Even now, Biden is intent on signing the W.H.O.pandemic treaty intending that signatory nations hand over their sovereignty in such matters, binding their citizens to whatever fascist nonsense the W.H.O. dictates in any health matter into which they choose to stick their nose. Worse, he intends not to submit it to Congress for ratification. This is a replay of his E.O. to pay off college loans, knowing full well, that like the W.H.O. treaty, it would never actually stand a chance of Congressional approval or court challenges over Constitutionality, but would get him what he wanted. For the loans, it was loyal student Democrat voters, who got nothing for their trust, but betrayal. But in the treaty, an-opt out clause creates a de facto abrogation of rights: any failure of a country to opt out before an expiration date renders them bound to obey.

But loss of Sovereignty by Executive Act is not the only kind of Constitutional Crisis we face.

Next comes the fallout over Presidential and Gubernatorial Executive Orders usurping power, and like usurped power by various Federal Agencies, by which the COVID debacle managed to get completely out of responsible hands. This does nothing but harm in all quarters, by any and all metrics one wishes to judge. The White House, Congress, the Intelligence Community, the Health Agencies, and many others, including the military, corporations, and media, have much to answer for, and any effort to achieve such answer, will undoubtedly result in a Constitutional battles born of endless law suits.

The Medical Conspiracy is a criminal matter, one for which it is forseen by many, that government officials, media teams, and virtually all medical institutions and their entire managerial and medical employee roster, not to mention Big Pharma, if not also actual pharmacies, are liable to prosecution as well as civil lawsuits, regardless of any so-called liability waivers arranged for by the wink-wink, nod-nod Federal Drug Administration.

And for many of the parties in either the Constitutional or Medical conspiracies, it is also a potential matter of treason.

It would seem the goal was to force these negative things, that the country would more easily falter, and be subject to a Deep State conversion to something akin to the very real idea: The NewStates of America (for which the Constitution has already been written*), a remaking of America into something ripe for a yet another conversion to become part of a North American Union, in turn then to become subservient to a one-world government.

Feel free to consider that notion, actually something forecast in detail in my book, Fatal Rebirth, as merely my own pet theory (I’ve been writing and warning about it since before the turn of the Century, even including the NewStates Constitution in one of my books), but if mere theory, why then did someone spend $12M to write that Constitution, and do it at the same time as the idea for a North American Union was first being bandied about? Your answer may be easier, if you knew that by the same ten-years of research which led to that theory, also led to the book’s forecasting some two years ahead of the events, the false-flag downing of the WTC by jetliner terrorism, and a resulting series of Middle-East oil wars, and more, which has also come to pass.

*Note: the full Constitution, with paragraph by paragraph analysis, as well as the proposed World Constitution, are reproduced in the massive Appendix section of the Fatal Rebirth series of books.

Connect the Dots  .  .  .

The slides shown are a mere handful of some 200 ‘dots’ which certainly appeared connected enough to be included in the greater PowerPoint. Your task as reader, is to simply agree or disagree, and draw whatever conclusions you deem most important. Here, they are generally in the same order as in the presentation, at times with several slides between, omitted. The larger part of presentation not included at all, places COVID within the greater goals for which COVID thereby seems intended to help fulfill: the establishment of a one-world government with total control over the population, a population dramatically reduced in size (deliberate population reduction).

The problem for them is, the United States Constitution, and both the inalienable rights thereby conferred upon us by God, and self-confirmed, especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments. They fear our voice, and our guns, which is why they seek so hard to destroy those rights, at least for those of us who insist upon using them to protest tyranny. As you read, keep in mind the PowerPoint itself is a bit dated, such that when the present tense is expressed, the stituation may have changed, by now. But at the time of its preparation, all content was verified. Here, I have at times added some more current information which plays to the material in some direct way.

IMAGE VIA rightslitigation.com

DOT ONE: Ancient Man and Natural Virus Genetic Evolution

Zoonotics are animal virus’ evolutions which somehow evolve to become contagious in Man, as well. The two parallel timelines reflect all of recorded medical history to the dawn of the modern era, in 1918. There are two time lines only due to type characteristic differences useful to virologists, with no impact to the points being made, here. By the chart, we see there have only been four known unique zoonotic pandemic viruses, all but one resurfacing at least once, typically separated by one or more hundreds of years. This speaks to the rarity of natural zoonotic pandemics.

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Rarity is not the only blessing… because is also true that modern medicine attributes the existence and lethality of the pandemics shown to the same causes: traits of poor human hygene and waste disposal, in combination with an overabundance and intrusive presence of the infected species of an animal deemed responsible. This was even true of the Spanish flu as its origin took place in emergency military hospital during WWII quickly established at a major Pig farm without proper site decontamination and isolation from the animals. It was doubly tragic, because the patients were sequestered there for life-threatening and debilitating after-effects of Mustard Gas, making them very susceptible to infections.

No meaningful analysis of zoonotics we see in modern times, such as Coronavirus, can be made without this initial understanding of Zoonotic History.

By such understanding, what comes next so condemns governments around the World as to justify almost any and all actions deemed necessary to end the madness. The full revelation continues as premium content, here at Eternal Affairs. It is a very detailed and meaty presentation considerably larger than makes for comfortable Web browsing: you have to want to know the shocking truths of it, and be willing to devote a little extra time to fully contemplate how all the puzzle pieces dovetail to reveal a horrible picture.

The remaining 12 slides and commentary are found in two Parts, beginning with Part II: The Gritty Details, in Eternal Affairs Premium Content section. You can access it and Part III for free for three full months using the promo code, COVID.


  • H. Michael Sweeney

    H. Michael Sweeney is a retired privacy/security consultant who specialized in and has worked with some 12,000 stalking victims over several years. He is author of 9 books, 3 relating to privacy/security how-to helps, and 5 relating to crimes of the New World Order and America’s dark bumps in the night. Currently, he continues to offer help to the 12,000,000 stalking victims out there by operating the Free Will Society, through which he can be reached directly by email or phone: freewillsociety.wordpress.com.  Because at least three of his books have been book vanished by CIA and others in Europe, they are currently only available as ebooks, direct. 100% of sales of his books (pay what you think it is worth) go directly to fund the Society, where he draws no salary, and offers a FREE Helps Kit to victims on request.

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