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The Truth About Trump vs. DeSantis


Donald Trump is hated by the Globalists while DeSantis (the Ivy League Frat Boy) is loved the by the Globalists. That should make the decision quite easy

The Truth About Trump vs. DeSantis

Pastors for Trump, Jackson Lahmeyer writes:

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It was almost exactly a year ago, I was having dinner with my friend Roger Stone at Andolini’s Pizza in Owasso, OK that he told me something VERY disturbing…

Mr. Stone informed me that Florida Govenor Ron DeSantis was going to challenge President Donald Trump in 2024.

I had a hard time believing it because it made no sense as to why DeSantis would do such a low-character thing given the fact that without President Trump dragging DeSantis across the finish line in the FL Gubernatorial race there would be no Govenor DeSantis.

Mr. Stone made it very clear to me that Ivy League Frat Boy (Skull & Bones) had no loyalty in his character make up and was in fact a pawn of the Globalist RINO Elites.

At the time when Roger shared this information with me it really made no sense, but it does now.

As the founder of Pastor’s For Trump, I am unapologetically behind President Trump for 2024.

Why not DeSantis?

-RINO’s like Paul Ryan, Karl Rove and Jeb Bush love DeSantis and despise Trump.

-DeSantis said he is glad the J6 political prisoners are locked up.

-DeSantis shutdown Florida even though he claims he did not.

-DeSantis “war” on Disney has proven to be all bark and no bite.

-DeSantis has been a strong supporter of the war in Ukraine.

-DeSantis is NOT Trump 2.0 even though he tries to mimic his hand gestures but DeSantis is actually Bush 3.0

Why President Donald Trump?

-The godless Globalists despise Trump for a reason.

-Trump has said he will pardon the J6 political prisoners.

-Trump is the Peace candidate and has a track record of no new wars under his watch.

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-No President has moved the needle for the Christian agenda like Donald Trump.

-Trump is thoroughly America First.

-4 years of tremdous accomplishments in the White House despite not only taking on the Left and the Media but the RINO’s as well.

America needs a President that represents the interest of the American people FIRST not the interest of the godless Globalists.

Donald Trump is hated by the Globalists while DeSantis (the Ivy League Frat Boy) is loved the by the Globalists. That should make the decision quite easy.

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