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GOD’S PLAN: There Is Still Hope … His Hand Has NOT Been Removed From America The Great


Hope …

GOD’S PLAN: There Is Still Hope … His Hand Has NOT Been Removed From America The Great

by Curtis “Ray Biselliano” Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

IMAGE VIA youtube.com / Above Inspiration

God says there is still HOPE for the future. In the midst of chaos, we can rely on our Eternal Savior, Jesus Christ, who is IN THE BOAT WITH US! With Him, we CAN’T ONLY calm the storm, but WE CAN WALK ON WATER. Remember, this great country of America was founded on Godly principles. God blessed this Nation from the beginning, and He has NOT lifted His Mighty Hand of of the United States! I declare & decree a breakthrough regarding the corruption the globe has been plagued with for literally centuries, with evil satanists wishing to steal & kill everything God has created! I declare & decree THAT THE ENEMY’S PLANS WILL BE THWARTED AND WE WILL VERY SOON SEE THE VICTORY … Hope …

Christian Author Vickie L. Brooks writes:

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My people are under incredible pressures at this time. All over the earth you are watching, you are feeling a dismantling taking place. Your lives, your livelihoods and your relationships have changed and are changing rapidly. What you have thought were strong foundations of your society—of your culture—appear to be crumbling and no longer trustworthy. You ask yourself often, “Where can I go for security? What and whom can I trust? Where can I find the truth?”

Prophet Troy Black speaks in the below video more about maintaining HOPE while the world is CRUMBLING all around YOU:

Vickie continues …

Learn to hear—to recognize—My gentle voice as I speak to your heart to lead you and direct your focus. Come to Me in the quiet place of communion with My Holy Spirit and you will grow in understanding, wisdom, and peace. From Me alone will you receive the wisdom, peace, and clarity you need to weather—to navigate—through the chaos and shaking. Persevere. Be wise and do not give up. Look past the time of dismantling. Look beyond the shaking that witnesses the exposure of evil. See the opportunity to free yourselves from your wicked ways and come together in purity of holiness before your creator God.

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The Lord your God is calling to you personally—as individuals—and to the nations to turn away from all unrighteousness and to return to Him. Build your foundations and your lives in close relationship with your Heavenly Father and you will not be shaken or dismantled.

Look ahead and understand that I am the Lord God of all creation. I build up and I tear down. I am the God who restores what has been lost, damaged and stolen.

Look up, for your redemption draws near. The Bride of Christ is being prepared!

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