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The American Trucker Convoy Dubbed “The People’s Convoy” Starts Today as a Larger Reflection of What We Have Seen in Canada


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The American Trucker Convoy Dubbed “The People’s Convoy” Starts Today as a Larger Reflection of What We Have Seen in Canada and Around The Globe

What’s With These “Trucker Convoys” …?

by Mike C. Goodwin | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

IMAGE VIA businessfast.co.uk

Last week, Canada launched the largest police operation in the nation’s history. Police in riot gear conducted over 170 arrests, seized vehicles, threatened to separate families, and for good measure, threatened to seize the family dog (yup, they went “cartoonishly evil”.)

At the time of writing, 76 bank accounts have been frozen, lists of donors have been released and contacted by a, shall we say, unsympathetic press. Fundraising site GoFundMe refunded donations (after first planning to donate the proceeds to more “acceptable” charities,) while the alternative GiveSendGo was hacked (by a very loud, and very disturbed man claiming responsibility.) The protestors were called out by the Prime Minister (and black-face aficionado himself) Justin Trudeau, and various other functionaries of the Canadian government. The bridge from Quebec was shut down to stem the flow of protestors (though, that might just be a convenient excuse to be free of the dreaded French Canadians.)

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Now, one may ask who was this horrible enemy, pounding on the very gates of the capital city? What highly trained and motivated threat was looming on the horizon? Well, the kind that lives off beef jerky, CB radio banter, and coffee (and other things found at truck stops, but let’s keep it PG.) The guys that honk their horns at busloads of kids when they pump their arms on field trips.  Guys that didn’t want to be forced to undergo an irreversible medical procedure commonly known as vaccination.

It began as a proposed measure that would require all of Canada’s freight drivers to be vaccinated against the ever-present Covid-19 and all variants thereof. This was seen as a gross overreach of Trudeau’s authority as well as an unnecessary step in virus containment as truckers are alone in their cabs when they drive, eat, and sleep (well, if they aren’t sleeping alone, they have other health concerns to worry about.) This first proposal was abandoned.

A second attempt was made to force vaccinations, though only on truckers entering the nation from the United States or face a two-week quarantine. This would affect approximately 10% of truckers.

It was then that the “Freedom Convoys” began with the stated goal of rolling back the vaccine mandates, but soon expanded to include all restrictions that Trudeau’s government had instituted since the beginning of the pandemic.

The result was as immediate as it was effective.

The streets of Ottawa were clogged with freight haulers of all makes and models while the horns blared. Internet memes were born with “Honk” being used in all manner of pun, from the bizarrely international (Free Honk-Kong,) to the absurdly ominous (The Honkening.) A carnival atmosphere evolved when families involved put up a “Bounce House” for their children, barbecues, saunas (I know, I had to read that twice before I typed it,) and all manner of street fare trappings.

IMAGE VIA theintercept.com

Copycat protests sprang up from Belgium and France to New Zealand and Finland.

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Trudeau responded bravely and valiantly, he hurled a few insults and ran away. Saying the protestors were racist (coming from a guy who does blackface more times than he can remember, while singing Day-O, that’s gotta mean they’re super racist,) Islamophobic (vaccines are evidently Halal,) homophobic (there’s a needle “prick” joke here begging to be made, but I’m not falling for that trap,) and all the usual insults spewed at those who question the authority of those who had all but threatened to destroy their livelihoods. Trudeau then claimed to be isolating due to Covid and was largely unheard from for the duration of the protest.

Support for the protest was hard to gauge as the Canadian Broadcast Corporation is funded by the government (hardly impartial) and many interviewed did not want to be identified for fear of repercussion. The gist seems to be that many supported the goals or concerns of the protest but were uncomfortable with the methods.

Canadian government officials followed Trudeau’s example (with the insults and insinuation, not so much with the hiding.) Accusations of Nazism (Godwin’s Law, I’m not related, I have a spare “o”,) flying the Confederate flag (because we all remember the strong Alberta contingent at Picket’s Charge,) and stealing food from the homeless (probably a lollipop from an orphan too,) were all leveled. As usual, evidence was scarce (a Confederate flag waving man was present, but the protesters asked him to leave, and food was taken from a soup kitchen, then replaced when the trucker’s supplies arrived,) but the damage was done. The media had their “Maple Syrup Insurrection” narrative.

Now the very lifeline of supplies that was praised during the pandemic was the new Fourth Reich. Now they could send in the police.

The result was as immediate as it was repulsive.

IMAGE SCREENSHOT / newsmax.com

Riot police in very interesting uniforms (think 1980’s Soviet republic) and on horseback (yup, they literally called in the cavalry,) clashed with protesters (and by “clashed” I mean they plowed into them.) They bravely did their duty up to and including running down an indigenous woman on a mobility scooter (correct, a disabled, elderly, Mohawk woman. Canadian Nazis are nothing if not inclusive, it would seem,) and a Rebel Media journalist.

Recently, leaked communications show the riot police more than pleased with their performance as well as mocking the injured.

With this show of overwhelming force, the Freedom Convoy dispersed voluntarily, but could simply regroup, according to sources.

The result of the initial Freedom Convoy is still brewing, however. Even with the protest disbanded, Trudeau’s government moved to make the emergency powers permanent. This naked power grab as well as Trudeau’s performance drew the ire of many, evidenced by a declining approval of the prime minister. Also, while many banks and fundraising websites cooperated with asset seizure, crypto-currency providers declined to be part of a political witch-hunt, stating the very nature of crypto-currency is to prevent government interference in commerce.

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Clearly, the Freedom Convoy is no longer about vaccine mandates nor Covid restrictions. Many of these measures have since been lifted or relaxed. The apparent reason behind the convoy is the past two years of uncertainty, government intervention into all aspects of our lives, and the disregard of liberties and rights. Making matters worse is the constant barrage of photos of these very same political elites disregarding the very rules they force upon the population they purport to serve.

IMAGE VIA truckersnews.com

Currently, US versions of the convoy are forming from various starting places, headed to a common destination. Arriving next week in the nation’s capital, this version will be taking place to coincide with the State of the Union Address. 700 unarmed National Guard troops will serve to direct traffic, and according to the Pentagon, will not serve in any intelligence or law enforcement role.

The aim of the American protest is to challenge the current administration’s Constitutional overreach, according to Great American Patriot Project Spokeswoman Erica Knight.

“They don’t want to deal with these mandates,” Knight said to Fox News, “and it’s kind of a way to stand up for all the American people against it.”

Several truckers not attending the convoy said they do support the movement and say it is overdue. Citing the constant changes in “The Science,” mask mandates despite mask ineffectiveness (according to the CDC,) and the destruction of small businesses in a lockdown that may have been pointless (according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,) these men echoed Knight’s sentiment.

Support for the US version of the convoy seems to be a response to the past two years more than any single policy. In a series of interviews at drinking establishments catering to teamsters (the lengths I go to provide you anecdotal evidence is truly staggering. No, literally staggering, they drink a lot when not driving,) the mood was one of pent-up anger and uncertainty. As a sailor on shore leave knows, pressure needs to be released.

Luckily, the air horn of a Peterbilt truck certainly releases pressure.

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