Prophetic Word: Watch for God to Bring Waves of Change in 2022


Word of the Lord given on Jan. 27, 2022

Prophetic Word: Watch for God to Bring Waves of Change in 2022

Amanda Grace prophesies:


Praise be to Almighty God who is high and lifted up, who spoke to the mountains and they were; who spoke and light came forth! The earth is indeed His footstool. All glory and honor and power to Him forever and ever, amen.

A Revealing Geyser and a Burning Bush

The Spirit of the Lord says this day: “Your nation, O America, has been chained and weighed down with falsities; with the pitfalls of religion; with bubbling propaganda and deceit. Like bubbling springs, these corrupted, contaminated waters have flowed through areas of America. And the water that I the Lord give, you shall never thirst again, for it comes from a righteous source. I the Lord am changing and shifting the sources of information, for a geyser is about to spring forth with pressure and force. And this geyser shall be oh, so revealing,” says the Lord of hosts.

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The Spirit of the Lord says this day: “A thick hedge of brambles and briars have formed in states’ capitals and nations’ capitals, ensnaring those who proclaim to lead. However, there is no ‘leading’ happening; they are not moving, ensnared with briars and thorns of their own making and cultivation. And now is the time where such bushes and brambles shall be ignited and burned,” says the Lord of hosts this day.

“A burning bush, a burning bush—this you shall see,” says the Lord of hosts.

A ‘Title’ Wave Is Coming

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