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Tucker Carlson Draws Striking Comparison Between Abortion and Ritualistic Child Sacrifice


“Human sacrifice, the sacrifice of children, the killing of children is the one constant in human civilization.”

Tucker Carlson Draws Striking Comparison Between Abortion and Ritualistic Child Sacrifice

Elizabeth Johnston reports:

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Former  Fox News host and culture war personality Tucker Carlson recently drew a  striking comparison between modern-day abortion practices and child  sacrifice rituals throughout history.

“Human  sacrifice, the sacrifice of children, the killing of children is the  one constant in human civilization,” he noted while speaking to a gala  held by The Center for Christian Virtue, as LifeNews reported.

Carlson first explained that there was a point when he could “sort of see the other side” when it came to political issues.

Yet  the radical abortion issue has marked a departure from the “competing  visions for how to improve people’s lives” that used to comprise the  political landscape.

Pointing  to two ballot initiatives in Ohio that respectively codify “abortion  rights” into the state constitution and decriminalize drug use, Carlson  asked “who’s benefitting here?” when it comes to promoting the slaughter  of unborn children and drug use.

He pointed to the prevalence of child sacrifice in the Bible, which God “singled out” as “detestable.”

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“Why  were people doing that?” Carlson asked of the ritualistic sacrifices  frequently mentioned in the Old Testament kingdoms. “Because, of course,  they believed that they were getting power and contentment and  happiness in return.”

Sound familiar?

Carlson  expounded on this point by explaining that it wasn’t just the  notoriously blood Aztecs and Mayans of Mesoamerica that ritualistically  sacrificed children, but civilizations across the globe and throughout  history.

Then,  he made the very stirring point that the impulse to sacrifice one’s own  children couldn’t possibly happen “organically,” as it would defy  evolutionary biology.

“That’s  an idea, an impulse that was introduced,” Carlson argued. “Outside  forces are acting on people at all times throughout history in every  culture on the planet to convince people that if they sacrifice their  children they will be happy and safe.”

“And  that’s exactly what this is,” he continued. “This is a religious rite.  This is not a policy debate, they’re not telling you that some girl got  raped at 13 and she needs to go to college and therefore, unfortunately,  we need to abort the child. No. That was 20 years ago. Now they’re  saying, ‘Abortion is itself a pathway to joy.’ Really? So this is not a  political debate, this is a spiritual battle. There is no other  conclusion.”

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