Now LITTLE Tech Is Silencing Conservative Voices


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Now LITTLE Tech Is Silencing Conservative Voices

Sean Robertson with FreedomWire reports:

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Contrary to what the mainstream media wants you to believe, conservatism isn’t dying.

In fact, based on the recent election, conservatism seems to be on the rise in America. The GOP gained a LOT of seats at all levels of government during the 2020 election, showing the world that America isn’t ready to roll over and show its belly to Marxists and socialism just yet.

Election Night 2020 was actually a WIN for conservatism, even though it looks like Trump may have been bushwhacked by Liberals and their cheat-by-mail antics.

So no, conservatism isn’t dying—but the Left is certainly trying to kill it.

Everywhere you turn, there’s an enemy to conservatism.

Whether it’s arts and entertainment, the mainstream media, or the beta overlords that run giant tech companies like Facebook and Twitter, there are VERY few electronic platforms available to Conservatives these days.

They censor us, they shadow-ban us in order to keep us hidden from the rest of the world, and they de-platform us, taking away the voices of strong Conservatives like Alex Jones or Laura Loomer.

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