Is America a Republic or a Democracy?

republicans democrats

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Is America a Republic or Democracy?

Well, what we were founded as is one thing, and what we are now gets a little complicated.

Let’s first understand what a republic is and what a democracy is?

What is the difference?

Republic = A form of government that elects representatives / officials to do the voting for them.

Democracy = Every vote of the people counts.

In this sense, we were formed as a republic and remain a republic, BUT …

We need to understand the two parties, and I’m not talking about Republican vs. Democrat. (those are phony / fake that divert people from discovering the truth).

republicans democrats

The two parties are REALLY the Rich vs. Poor.

The rich tend to be tied into politics, so they often get seats in government or can at least puppeteer the government representatives / officials such as Barack Obama all the way down to a republican congress member.

The rich have such an elite going that they have become their own government which is a Democracy. WE ARE LEFT OUT!

The question is, the fight we are fighting NOW, are we capable of winning?

Well, if you’re watching TV all the time with mainstream media, you’re going to lose big time unless you got money.

The internet is the thing of the future. Yes, it has been around for decades and was first an experiment by the government, but the government’s representatives have recently spoken out, “we regret ever creating the internet”. WHY?

Because people like you and me are taking back capitol hill, where we The People own the government (not the other way around).

LISTEN, They are slowly trying to take away our freedoms. Don’t let them. Share this post and leave your thoughts in the comment section!

You wouldn’t have heard this elsewhere.


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