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BANK FAILURES? What Comes Next, Who Benefits


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BANK FAILURES? A Symptom and a Clue

What Comes Next, Who Benefits

by H. Michael Sweeney | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

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A Bank Failure should be a rare event. I’ve been asked to write about it, principally because there is a lot of Doom and Gloom talk out there. I always start by trying to think critically and out of the box, about what is driving the current narrative… what is unusual about a situation… the background players… any strange aspects or differences from the norm… and especially the specifics of the matter, and how politics might play a role. That is often where the real story or the truth of the matter lays, and whenever there is politics, you can hardly ever trust the official narrative or initial stories. I asked my Editor for some time, for these reasons.

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About rare

Normally, bank failure should likely be because of malfeasance or severe mismanagement within leadership. It might be in the form of embezzlement or aggressive greed. This is why we have Bank Examiners, special auditors trained to spot signs of such things via accounting methods which employ cross checks. It isn’t just about making sure all the pennies are accounted for, it is about ratios and patterns, and things most regular business accountants have probably never heard of. That is what helps make them rare. So, when a bank fails, if it goes under a microscope, because clearly, something is wrong. An autopsy is needed, because there are scarier reasons they might fail, as well.

A small bank, a newly formed bank or specific branch location can be subject to pressures which larger and older banks don’t face. That could mean competitive marketplace issues tied to the financial health of the community they serve. Better established banks more easily ride out rough times or situations, and should be largely immune. They can always cut costs by closing a branch and transferring accounts to another branch, or various banker tactics. This is where differences from the norm tend to become important. Eternal Affairs already has a good report citing a number of thoughtful issues along these lines, borrowed from and linked to another media outlet. But again, it starts with gloom and doom, and does not go beyond the cited issues.

That may be entirely appropriate, of course, but as an investigative author, I like to ask more questions, because I’ve learned that you can’t trust government, can’t trust mainstream media, and above all else, you can’t trust the globalist power elite string pullers, and their minions among intelligence communities and criminal organizations. Color me ‘conspiracy theorist,’ but my outline you fill with crayon, has been proven right time and again. I’ve discovered and put bad people behind bars or out of business, including cops, criminals, officials, and terrorists, resulting in 8 books.

About the failures

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The first is not a failure in the traditional sense, but an example of someone just electing to go out of business, seeing that their business model is untenable. This is the Silvergate Bank. The above article gives some good reasons for its failure, and describes what is a controlled shut down of operations over time. It is hardly the kind of bank failure which leaves a swath of financial ruin for its clients that we think of with normal bank failures, where depositors and other customers pay the price. That does not mean there won’t be some losers, however, because the publicity could cause a run on the Bank before it has had a chance to protect against it. They appear to have done a good job of ‘preparing for the end,’ with three outside resources contracted to help in the transition. The plan specifically includes the safety of all deposits.

What makes it scary is the size of the bank and its rather unique position in the marketplace, which is actually where the reasons for deciding to close may be found, as the article indicates. Chief among them, Silvergate catered to depositors investments in cryptocurrencies, and therefore, has likely suffered shockwaves from the FTX collapse… ponzi… embezzlement… money laundering… or whatever really happened, there… a story still revealing itself amid criminal investigations. What happened at FTX has had consequences throughout the remainder of the cryptocurrency sector of the financial industry. Even the existence of crypto, is a relatively new force in the marketplace, one so complex and disruptive in nature (a game changer), that I’m not sure even bankers know well enough to ‘make bank’ on it, wisely, yet. It specifically hit Silvergate in the form of a run on crypto deposits… but not severe enough to fail the bank.

FILE PHOTO: Destroyed SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) logo is seen in this illustration taken March 13, 2023. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration
FILE PHOTO: Destroyed SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) logo is seen in this illustration taken March 13, 2023. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

Therefore, save one possibility I must hold back for the moment, I do not on the surface of it, feel a need to panic over Silvergate. That brings us to the second Bank failure, which also experienced a run. Less is known about the Silicon Valley Bank, which did collapse; it is only day’s old in the news cycle. But what is known seems to parallel Silvergate in one very key way. They, too specialized or catered to special financial players; Venture Capitalists who maintain huge warchests to invest in high-tech hardware, software, and Web enterprises… which in turn likely includes venture funding of countless startups involved with any and all aspects of cryptocurrency. It is entirely possible that the FTX matter, and its impact upon Silvergate, has sponsored Venture Capital firms to panic. Only because the bulk of SVB’s depositors were VC firms who sought to pull their funds and relocate them more broadly, did the bank fail. I’m not seeing this written of, elsewhere, as yet, and I could certainly be wrong, but once again, I’m less alarmed, but for the same one possibility.

About one possibility

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This is where I put on my conspiracy seeking hat. All one has to do is to go back into America’s history since 1947, forward, as I have done in ten years of research for my books on crimes of the New World Order, to find… well, crimes of the New World Order. Specifically, a series of rather random events, seemingly by random players, for random reasons, across random industries. In my Fatal Rebirth book set, I run through them in detail, and find them not at all random, but stepwise acts in a long-term plan of rape and pillage toward destruction of America, the biggest deterrent to the One World Government they seek to establish. Our Constitution and, specifically, the 2nd Amendment, make us a giant roadblock to their goals of establishing the North American Union. This is one reason why someone is funding all those migrants illegally flooding into our country, and the Left is so eager to encourage and embrace them; they really do want to ‘funamentally change America…’ to make it so multiculturally imbalanced as to break the country down and trample down that roadblock.

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In going back, we find a series of Federal Bailouts were required to ‘repair’ some of the unique forms of rape and pillage. Whole industries were torn asunder financially, and the Left (primarily) was always eager to spend their way out of trouble, troubles they typically had a hand in creating. Among them, in the financial industry, several come to mind. One was the Mortgage Debacle, which required the ‘Too Big to Fail’ bailouts of mortgage banking, and the other was the Savings and Loan crash, which quite mirrors Bank failures in almost every way. More bailouts, wherein my research shows every bailout makes rich people richer — even people who helped create the problem, some of whom are not even in the industry (criminals, power elite, politicians, even Judges and CIA players, etc.).

The Bilderberg Group Arrive In Watford
WATFORD, ENGLAND – JUNE 06: Delegates arrive at The Grove hotel, which is hosting the annual Bilderberg conference, on June 6, 2013 in Watford, England. The traditionally secretive conference, which has taken place since 1954, is expected to be attended by politicians, bank bosses, billionaires, chief executives and European royalty. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

It is the S&L matter, wherein has already been exposed an actual conspiracy. We thank Lawyer and Investigator, Daniel Sheehan, who’s activism led to discovery of the Secret Team, a group of hidden players responsible for literally engineering the failures for fun and profit. It was tied to other conspiracies, such as CIA’s Iran-Contra program. Sheehan’s Christic Institute was created to fund investigations and file lawsuits, but the key Judge appointed to the case in the end, turned out to be a coconspirator, and threw the case out, fining the Institute for almost exactly the money they had in the bank and their total of assets… forcing them into bankruptcy, whereby the defendants, CIA, politicians, power elite, et. al, took control of all their assets; principally the evidence against them. Some decades later, almost all references on the Web have been vanished, and Sheehan has been marginalized and vilified.

My research of the remaining crimes of the NWO in my books, found them to involve many of the same players I had called Shadow, and who today, we tend to call Deep State, Power elite, or even modern-day Illuminati. It is formulaic rape and pillage involving members of the Power Elite, and their minions within the Intelligence Community and other power centers in key societal and industrial sectors. Therefore, it remains the possibility that the entire financial industry is once more being targeted, this time, the banks (yet again).

If so, all is in place to allow ‘the perfect storm’ for tearing asunder that wall against the NAU effort. The Left has already run our debt up to impossible levels with endless pork.  Any engineered Bank Panic could force yet another Bailout by the Democrats, perhaps doubling or tripling our current debt, even forcing the nation into financial failure on its own debts, in the manner of another Greece.  A severe enough banking industry failure could trigger an endless series of failures in other industries, all of which rely on banks. Even colleges and other institutions; endless baiouts. FTX could easily have been engineered, and I already suspect intelligence community involvement, and certainly, the Power Elite, as an initating event. Endless bailouts might be needed. Such a failure gives the New World Order a veritable shopping list of rewards.

About who benefits, and how

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A breaking radio report states that the FDIC Insurance folks have promised to cover all depositors, which is a very politically advantageous move for the Left. About $173B at the bank was Venture Capital money, some of it reserves, but much of it monies ventured and in startup’s accounts. Thus the FDIC just took the financial risk out of VC funding, because the bailout lets the VC firms keep the ownership stake in the startups, while already having their capital investment ‘paid for;’ if a startup fails, they only loose profits, not the investment, the radio said. More interestingly, it said, all those VC and startup folks tend to be very heavy Democrat Party donors, assuring the election warchests of the Left are not harmed by the bank’s failure; political graft in action. Even after that, another breaking report from FOX reveals $73,450,000 had been donated by the Bank to Black Lives Matter, which as we have come to know in recent years, mostly made its way to Democrat politicians; a money laundering scheme. Therefore, any bailout money from the FDIC would seem quite politically motivated, and may even be to prevent or cover up further discoveries of Democrat criminality in Nancy Pelosi’s stomping grounds.

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Above all else, a serious systemic collapse of the banking institution would enable a push for digital currency, and I suspect all the needed steps are already set and able to be put into place ‘just in time…’ in exactly the same way Homeland Security was ready to be created instantaneously, because exactly two years to the day before 9-11, they began planning and putting into place everything needed for it. One of Deep State’s favorite sayings is, ‘never let a good crises go to waste, even if you have to create the crises.’

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I can foresee the possibility of tying digital currency directly to our personal digital footprint on the Web, and paving the way for a social credit score as used in Red China to control people and assure forced loyalty and obedience. It also helps smooth the road for any Mark of the Beast ID bioimplant they may intend, likely to first come in the form of a vaccination tracking system, launched through the World Health Organization and the next pandemic Plandemic, which would likely be timed to coincide with the height of the financial panic… because the last lockdown has also been a contributing factor to financial stress on the banking industry, and every other industry, not to mention the financial wellbeing of every American.

The financial woes it will cause you and me, would be so great as to fore dependency upon government for our very survival. When banks close, there is no way to pay your bills, no way for companies to pay employees, no way to purchase anything short of cash in hand, which for most of us might last a week. Suddenly, we all become co-equal, financially, with all the illegal immigrants. If they can simultaneously destroy or turn off the Internet, or the power grid (ring any bells), in some states, you would have a hard time proving you were a citizen, as many of us keep our birth certificates and other important papers, in Bank Safety boxes, along with valuables needed in a crises, like gold, or jewelry… not that selling them would even be possible; almost immediately, no one would have cash to offer on hand, except perhaps criminals.

A Bailout process will take many, many weeks, and weeks more to implement, because they will need to solve a myriad of other problems along the way, to include finding ways to keep you alive, and to fight the unchecked violence by people trying to take whatever the need and can’t get from government, by force. This means gun violence, martial law, and likely, door-to-door searches, and gun siezures; an end to the 2nd Amendment, and likely, in time, revocation of the Constitution, and a ‘new Constitution’ more friendly to the New World Order’s next order of business, the NAU. This brings us to international complications, through the resulting crash of the American Stock Market which also takes place if the banks fail. It would bring down the financial wellbeing of the World, making it easier to sell the NAU and similar Unions for Africa, Asia, and the One World Government to oversee it all.

That Constitution has already been written: The Constitution of the NewStates of America, a copy of which, with full analysis along these very lines, is found in Fatal Rebirth. Ditto, for the World Constitution, also in the book.

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