Canadians Could Quickly See Their Internet Regulated If They Don’t Do This Immediately


Canadians are on the verge of seeing their internet regulated by the gov’t if they don’t contact their MPs

Canadians Could Quickly See Their Internet Regulated If They Don’t Do This Immediately

Please call and write your MP today and urge him or her to say NO to Bill C-11. Doing so will help safeguard our Canadian freedom to express our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs online.

David Cooke with Life Site News reports:


We just got word that Bill C-11, the Internet Censorship Bill, is expected to come up for debate in the House of Commons as early as today.

If this bill passes, the internet as we know it is will be changed forever. That’s why we need you to phone your MP right away and demand he or she vote against Bill C-11!

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Though the Liberal government has offered assurances that Bill C-11 will supposedly not interfere with people’s social media posts or their freedom of expression on the web, the wording of this bill and the rhetoric of its original drafter, Mr. Steven Guilbeault, suggest otherwise.

The text of the bill itself asserts that “diverse ethnocultural backgrounds, socio-economic statuses, abilities and disabilities, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and ages” must be prioritized in internet programming. That guarantees we will see more sexual perversion, more gender ideology, and more identity politics pushed on us and on our children online.

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