DeSantis Signs Bill That Ensures Parents Know What’s Being Taught In Florida Schools


School districts and libraries must be transparent about the materials children are being exposed to

DeSantis Signs Bill That Ensures Parents Know What’s Being Taught In Florida Schools

Matt Lamb with Life Site News reports:


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation on Friday that ensures parents can see the materials used in their children’s classroom.

School boards must hold open meetings where the public can comment on instructional materials.

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HB 1467 requires school districts to “[p]rovide access to all materials … at least 20 calendar days before the district school board takes any official action on such materials,” according to a summary of the legislation.

It also requires the state Department of Education to “publish and update a list of materials that were removed or discontinued by district school boards as a result of an objection and disseminate the list to school districts for consideration in their instructional materials selection.”

School libraries must also ensure age-appropriate, non-pornographic materials are available and ensure parents can know what is available to their kids. “Each public elementary school is required by the bill to publish on its website a list of all materials maintained in the school library or required as part of a booklist used in a classroom,” the legislation summary provided by the Florida Senate says.

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