Why Doesn’t America Use Ivermectin For COVID?


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Why Doesn’t America Use Ivermectin For COVID?

Why Doesn’t America Use Ivermectin For COVID?

Neenah Payne with Natural Blaze reports:

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IMAGE VIA nobelprize.org

Ivermectin won a Nobel Prize in 2005, and in testimony before the US Senate in 2020, Ivermectin was described as a “miracle” drug for COVID. Yet, Ivermectin has been widely vilified by the US corporate media and largely ignored as a COVID treatment in the US. In fact, all early home care for COVID has been ignored in the US.

IMAGE VIA nobelprize.org

However, El Salvador gives free ambulatory home patient kits to COVID patients, family members, neighbors, and friends. The kits are also provided for free in areas with a high prevalence of COVID. The kits include Ivermectin. Why do people in El Salvador get Ivermectin to treat COVID while most Americans are denied this potentially life-saving medicine and many are instead forced to take the poorly-tested COVID injections or lose their jobs?

What would happen if the US followed El Salvador’s example now?

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