Are You Among the Rising Remnant Shining in the Darkness?


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Are You Among the Rising Remnant Shining in the Darkness?

Are You Among the Rising Remnant Shining in the Darkness?

Mary King with Charisma Magazine writes:


Paul Keith and Amy Thomas Davis of WhiteDove Ministries shared on a recent episode of Live Your Best Life with Liz Wright about the hour we are in. They believe God is raising us up to shine with glory in the midst of darkness. The times we are in are no surprise to God, and we are called to respond to the chaos in the world with light. We are the antidote!

Paul Keith says that we’re not to ask God to save us from this hour, for we were born for this hour to rise up and radiate Jesus. One of the ways we can be positioned to be a light is to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal any lies we believe and realign us with the truth. God is identifying a remnant of people, and He is illuminating them with Himself. Amy shares that in the realm of His heart, the things that worry us in the temporal are no longer burdens because they aren’t concerns to Him. This enables us to be carriers of peace, which is key to bringing in the harvest.

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