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Rulers of The World Exposed by President Trump and Q Anon Patriots

by Roger Diggs | Contributor | Eternal Affairs Media


If you want to know who really rules the world….do research on these groups…Illuminati…The Bilderberger Group…Trilateral Commission…Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)…these are all intertwined with one another….their goal is Globalism and New World Order through population control…they believe that the earth can only sustain 500 million people in order to survive…and the elites of the world are the only ones capable of running this new world…we have not been a sovereign nation since the founding of the U.N. since 1945…we have been controlled unknowingly and unwittingly by these elites who run everything in the world…we are only looked at as slaves and chattel to be used up then eradicated…then came Trump…he put a cog in the wheel…and now the deep state machine is stuck…Trump loves America and wants only to expose these elites to those who are still asleep…for those who have been awakened…we will no longer slumber or go back to sleep …through Q…Trump has awakened the masses…now the pain is coming…true justice will be restored…he is uniting the world with truth…WWG1WGA…prepare yourselves for the storm…it is approaching rapidly…look for another major arrest coming soon…God is still in control…Patriots are in control…all exits for the deep state are being blocked…there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide…Trump is at the helm and the rats are scurrying into the light…when all is ready and the true evil intentions of these elites are exposed…as Q as stated…it will be not safe for them to walk the streets any longer.keep trusting the plan…

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