2019 Prediction of Illegal Border Crossings Breaks 1Million …


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2019 Prediction of Illegal Border Crossings Breaks 1Million …

New Border Surge Prompts 10% Jump in 2019 Prediction to 1,072,000 Illegal Immigrants

-Washington Examiner

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IMAGE VIA Pedro Pardo / Getty Images / theblaze.com / SCREENSHOT

“Calling the surprising May surge in illegal immigrant arrests on the border the ‘worst case scenario,’ a top immigration analyst has boosted the expected level of crossings 10%, to over 1 million,” Paul Bedard reports.

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Wednesday revealed that May apprehensions topped 144,000. This year has seen 676,315 apprehensions so far, up 99% over this time last year.”

IMAGE CREDIT: deseretnews.com

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