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BREAKING: At Least 225 DEAD In Massive 7.1 Earthquake In Mexico City


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At Least 225 DEAD In Massive 7.1 Earthquake In Mexico City

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UPDATE 9-20-17 634pm:

Live Footage Published!

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UPDATE 9-20-17 519pm:

Earthquake death toll climbs to 225 in Mexico as frantic search continues for survivors

UPDATE 9-19-17 419pm:

At least 44 Dead!

7.1 earthquake rocks Mexico City

A magnitude-7.1 earthquake struck the central Mexican state of Puebla on Tuesday afternoon, the US Geological Survey said.

At least 225 people have been killed in the earthquake that hit about 75 to 93 miles south of Mexico City.

Some structures caught fire and others collapsed.

This all coming on the heels of drills done by the Mexican government so that the people would be ready.

but were they ready?

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