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By Curtis R Bizelli |Eternal Affairs Media



In 2016, the USA is almost evenly cut down the middle between “Left” and “Right”, however Democrats have done a much better job at gaining registered voters. This just shows us how powerful grassroots and YOUR VOICE IS!

There are far fewer registered Republicans yet the polls are tight right now. (We have reason to believe Hillary is not only going to try and steal the election with “Voter Theft” however she is currently paying the liberal media to obscure the facts around the “polls as they stand now”; making it look like Trump is in danger and he doesn’t have a foot to stand on. That’s far from the TRUTH My Friends!)

It’s all going to come down to the end, depending on what Assange drops on the American People next, and what the two candidates, Hillary and Trump; how they react to it. And a lot in part to do with what you do. So what are you going to do?

We, The People are in control of this country even with how far we’ve strayed. If you keep bitching and complaining, and don’t do SOMETHING about it. You will be to blame for Freedom being stripped underneath our noses. If you sit there and say, “oh its too late”, it will be your fault … on your head when Hillary gets the presidency. Don’t just be complacent and sit there saying, “she will get it no matter what” … the system might be rigged against Trump and The Grassroots / Truth Movement, BUT WE ARE NOT DEAD! Are you?

Register Now & Vote #Trump2016

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