Two Patriots Ban Together and Create a “Meme 12 Days of Christmas” …


stunning and comical 12 Days of Christmas that MY POTUS gave to me (Lol) … in support of President Donald J Trump and his plan to drain the swamp

What Will Happen Friday If The Border Wall Isn’t Funded? Gov. Shutdown?


I have a feeling this Friday is going to be a day in the dark! Let’s hope not. #TrustThePlan

BREAKING: Police Seize Vatican Laptops In Massive Pedophile Ring Bust


Share Tweet Share Share Share Share ShareBREAKING: Police Seize Vatican Laptops In Massive Pedophile Ring Bust First let’s set the narrative: 1-25-18 All Roads Lead to Rome by Mark Taylor The Spirit of God says, […]

African American Girl Found Dead Missing Organs: Black Community Silent!

Screenshot - 12_16_2018 , 12_20_12 PM black girl found dead missing organs

Organ harvesting for the black market is really common in the States. One human body is worth $45 million in organs, blood

Lindsey Graham Sponsors Gun Confiscation Bill


Did you see the news?
As reported by The Truth About Guns, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is sponsoring a so-called “red flag” GUN CONFISCATION BILL

Take Action: Children’s Book Promotes Homosexual Santa


Share Tweet Share Share Share Share ShareTake Action: Book Promotes Homosexual Santa To Children via Return to Order: The attacks against Christmas continue. This time, they are targeting children by destroying their innocent vision of […]

60-Million-Strong Christian Group Targets Big Tech Over Censorship


Organization gives ultimatum to remove legal protections given by Congress … Read more here!

Help Us Honor Veterans and Deployed Service Men and Women this Holiday Season

soldiers cards 2

To participate in the 2018 National Care Letter Campaign, mail your personal written and designed letter or greeting card to America’s Adopt A Soldier