The Truth About Hunter Biden’s Laptop From an Ex-CIA Operations Officer Who Has a Copy


Mainstream Mockingbird Media would lead you to believe this is all just “fake news”

The Truth About Hunter Biden’s Laptop

by Curtis “Ray Biselliano” Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media


Propaganda-filled Disinformation Channels like Mainstream Mockingbird Media would lead you to believe this is all just “fake news”. This is where people need to have just a LITTLE discernment & common sense, in this modern age.

Because all of the images circulating the internet don’t lie!

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There are images of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden pictured with little underage girls in thongs & doing strip teases, smoking crack and snorting crack with Obama’s daughter, nonetheless. I wonder how Papa Barry feels about that one?

Trust your senses. This is where we need to be grounded in The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. You will be able to trust your senses. I mean, It’s not much more than BASIC COMMON SENSE …


It’s time to turn off The Mainstream Mockingbird Channels, throw the Boob-Tube in THE TRASH. Get dialed into truthful outlets like ours! There are many of us! We Are One & WE ARE THE NEWS NOW!

With all of the lies & deception from The False Prophet Media telling you otherwise, you can see with your own eyes. At least we haven’t quite crossed the threshold (Just yet!) where you can’t trust your own senses, at least most of the time. (There will come a day & time where you won’t be able to believe almost anything!).

About this laptop …

A retired Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Operations Officer, Charles “Sam” Faddis, claims to have in his possession a copy of Hunter’s laptop, and he speaks of the HORROR in the Below Video …

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