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The Relationship Between Spiritual and Financial Prosperity


As a follower of Jesus Christ, we have opportunities to make spiritual growth a priority over financial growth

The Relationship Between Spiritual and Financial Prosperity

David C. Friend with Charisma Magazine writes:

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One of the dangers of seeking financial success is to make that our only goal. In the years I worked in banking, I discovered that those who made their No. 1 goal in life to have financial success experienced a plethora of difficulties. Many individuals became alcoholics, were divorced, lost their families and had major health issues. Most of that could be contributed to a single purpose in life of being financially successful. Sadly, these challenges existed in both Christians and unbelievers. As a follower of Jesus Christ, we have opportunities to make spiritual growth a priority over financial growth. These opportunities come from our desire to read God’s Word, praying for help and drawing closer to our God.

Often, I have spoken on the topic that spiritual prosperity must always come before financial prosperity. Many times, we say something like Lord, I trust you to bless me financially. The question often isn’t if we trust God to provide His blessings. I think a far greater question is whether God can trust us with financial blessings. I have many reasons to believe that the latter question is more important. First, I have seen Christians receive financial success and then turn away from attending church, reading God’s Word and focusing on how they can bless the kingdom of God. Second, they are not spiritually mature to know how to manage their finances. Some start making purchases like boats, expensive cars or lavish homes without understanding how these things may impact their walk with God. In addition, some of those who experience quick financial success are not prepared to make long-term financial decisions.

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