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Prophecy: It Is a Time of Reorganization and Restructuring


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Prophecy: It Is a Time of Reorganization and Restructuring

Prophecy: It Is a Time of Reorganization and Restructuring

Ana Werner with Charisma Magazine prophesies:

We are now in a season of restructuring and reorganization.

What you perceived to be thrust upon you is actually the hand of the Lord at work in your life.

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He is bringing new order and setting things in place for the future.

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In a vision, I saw the Lord restoring the foundation of a house. He looked at it and pointed out cracks that were in the very sides and bottom. I watched as the Lord recemented and filled in the cracks.

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For many of us, the Lord is revealing areas in our lives, workplace, ministries and so forth that need to be addressed, healed and corrected. This time of correction, although not always pleasant, is so good for heart issues to be addressed. If you could imagine a chess game, God is setting everything into place for what is to come.

Jesus is your rock. You can trust Him!

Locational Shifts

As restructuring right now is in motion, there will be many locational shifts. I saw many people regionally being moved and relocated in this very season.

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Back to the Core Message

This also will be a great time of reevaluation. What is your core message? What is the core thing you will stand on? Firmly plant your feet and say, “I will not be compromised in this area.”

To navigate through this season, it is imperative to keep your eyes on Jesus—the author and perfecter of our faith.

He will guide you and help you through what feels messy right now. “Not around it, but through it,” I hear Him say.

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