Hong Kong Leader Withdraws Extradition Bill But Protests Will Go On …


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Hong Kong Leader Withdraws Extradition Bill But Protests Will Go On …

by Curtis “Ray Biselliano” Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

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Trending on the internet this morning is that the Hong Kong Leader has agreed to formally withdraw the Extradition Bill that contributed to the unrest from citizens of Hong Kong.


What the MSM (Mainstream Media “aka” Lamestream Media “aka” CIA Operated Mockingbird Media “aka” PROGRAMMING “aka” BRAIN WASHING “aka” FAKE NEWS) probably isn’t telling you is that the protesters have NOT agreed to stop protesting. They have a very strict list of 5 demands, and they have said that they won’t stop until they all are met.

Right Side Broadcasting Network reports:

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam announced Wednesday she will formally withdraw the extradition bill which has sparked widespread civil unrest for months.

Lam also addressed the elephant in the room saying, “After more than two months of social unrest, it is obvious to many that this discontentment extends far beyond the bill.”

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