The Truth About “The Facebook Purge” … These Were AMERICAN PATRIOT Pages!


The Truth About “The Facebook Purge” … Just In Time To Meddle With Elections


by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

(snippets from The Western Journal & Gizmodo)



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As reported by The Western Journal, in what many are calling the “Facebook purge,” Facebook announced on Thursday that it removed over 800 political pages and accounts in a clamp down on what the social media company calls “inauthentic behavior” in the lead-up to the midterm elections next month.

Call it what you want but the truth is they are clamping down on conservative voices in an effort to meddle with the midterm elections. They know they can’t win fair & square.

Just take a look at this list of pages. Most are pages sharing much-needed truths with the world and others instigating positive change in the world …
with MOST being “right-wing” pages …

Top Stories USA
Daily Vine
Best World Vines
Right Wing News
Liberty Belle
Military Grade Coffee
Silence is Consent
Silence is Consent Newsfeed
True Stories USA
The Trump White House
Molon Labe Industries
Trump Republic
Team President Donald J Trump
America Rising
Amanda Shea
Pew Republic
Rainforth’s Roughnecks
America’s Freedom Fighters
The Voice of Trump’s Deplorable
USA In Distress
Trump’s Deplorables
AFF Media
Infidels Against Islam ll
Extremely Pissed off RIGHT Wingers 2
Southern Rebel
The voice of the people
The Voice of America
Extremely Pissed off RIGHT Wingers 3
The voice of the people
President Donald J Trump Fans
Eleventh-Hour Patriots
Dean James III%
Deporable Patriots
The Angry Conservative-Truth liberals Hate
Nation In Distress
Conservative Prepping
The Infidel Brotherhood
Universal Free Press
Soldiers Of War
The Revolution
Dc Gazette
Pissed Off Patriots
Patriot Newswire
American Freedom
X Tribune
Unofficial: President Trump
Operation Jade Helm And Beyond
Soak It In
Blackwater Tribune
Uncle Rufus
The Deplorable Party
Army Memes
The United States Of WTF with Doug Giles
Clash Daily
Girls Just Wanna Have Guns
Outdoor Beasts
Unashamed Americans
We Are America
Red Hot Cha Cha
Eagle Rising
Overpasses For America
Overpasses For America: The Fight
Revive America
President Donald J. Trump MAGA Team
Restore Our Godly Heritage PAC
Obama Is Officially The Worst President In American History!
Powdered Wig Society
PS Republic
Allen West Republic
Joe the Plumber
Guardians Of Freedom
Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children
Walk Away Movement
The Deplorables
Americans Against Nancy Pelosi
The Unhinged Left
Donald Trump, The Political Movement
Coalition For Trump Superstore
Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Warrior Princess
Americans Against Maxine Waters
Trump News Report
Americans Against Chuck Schumer
Americans Against Cory Booker
Defiant America
Americans Against Oprah Winfrey
Chelsea Clinton is Donkey from Shrek
USA Supreme
Hillary Clinton Sucks
Smashing Leftist Liberals
Melania Trump, America’s First Lady
Trey Gowdy, Liberals’ Worst Nightmare
Repeal It Now
American Journal
The Red Rock Tribune
This Page Is Being Censored Because We Support Trump
The American Patriot
Liberty One
Taxation Is Theft
Hillary Clinton For Prison
The 2nd Amendment
Vets Before Illegals
Sweet Land of Liberty
Manly Men
Lady and The Patriot
Patriot Crier
The New Republic of Texas
Jermain Botsio Page
Guerilla Media Network News
Joe Biggs
The Evening Compass
The Contrarians
We The People
The Western Sentinel
Rogue Right TV
Freedom and the American Way
The Newly Press Public Group
Red Flag News
Rachel Blevins
The Free Thought
The Free Thought Project
Matt Agorist
Cop Logic
Police The Police
Police The Police NY
Anonymous News
Conspiracy Facts
No Victim, No Crime
End the Drug War
The Anti-Media
Cop Block
The Liberty Principle: No Consent from the Governed
Legalizing Cannabis
Get involved, you live here
Fuck the Government
Filming Cops
New School Raphael 1
Voluntaryist Veterans
End the War on Drugs
Unlimited Liberty
Fucked up Shit You Should Know About
You Won’t See This On TV
V is For Voluntary
Bay Area Police the Police
Modern slavery Hilarious Vines
Being Libertarian
Libertarian for President 2020
No Victim, No Crime
Skeptic Society
FB MASS Report
Punk Rock Libertarians
The Daily Liberator
Choice and Truth
DIY Revival
We The Individuals
Press For Truth
Anti-GMO Foods and Fluoridated Water
North Texas Cop Block
Black Markets Are Beautiful
Political Junkie News Media
Free Your Mind Conference
Reverb Press
The Everlasting GOP Stoppers
America Against Donald Trump
Young Progressive Voices
We Miss Obama
Liberals Unite
Reasonable People Unite
The Resistance
I Owe You Only Non-Aggression
Hostile Politics
I Did Not Vote For Donald Trump

THIS IS JUST A PORTION OF THE LIST … to see more visit the following:

The Western Journal (Conservative Tribune)

Gizmodo points out:

In recent months, we’ve seen Facebook take down networks of pages that it claimed were conducting disinformation campaigns from Russia and Iran. What makes today’s removals different is that Facebook claims the pages and accounts were likely built and run by AMERICANS!

In its Thursday announcement, Facebook wrote it was taking this action because “people will only share on Facebook if they feel safe and trust the connections they make here.” It’s a good point that applies to the connection between Facebook and its users as well.

Well, I have NEWS FOR YOU FUCKERBERG: Nobody Trusts YOU!


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