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Bar Association Lauds Kavanaugh: ‘What We Saw Was an Allegiance to the Law’


He bases his rulings on the law—not politics, policy, or identity. Despite being appointed by a Republican President, Judge Kavanaugh ruled

Biometric IDs at U.S. Airports Becoming Accepted Reality

facial recognition activist post com

It’s a trend that is quickly becoming accepted reality – Airport in Washington, D.C. is the latest to implement facial recognition. read more.

Combat Flip Flop

Congressman Jason Smith: Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearings Were Hijacked


Congressman Jason Smith: I was disappointed to see obstructionist Senators devolve into bitter childlike antics …

Baby Abuser Gets Violently Assaulted In “Stabside” Prison


A notorious baby torturer in the United Kingdom was held hostage in his cell for four hours and beaten by other inmates

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