Watch: Anti-Gun Dem Candidate Pepper Sprays Self To Prove A Point


A Democrat running in Colorado’s Sixth congressional district released a bizarre political ad pushing for gun control

What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Immigrant Families Separated At Border


Over the weekend, illegal immigrant advocates and liberal politicians whipped up controversy about policies at the southern border.

The Truth Paints The REAL Picture About Child Detention Centers


Some say child detention centers are ‘concentration camps.’ But the truth paints much different picture

Comical Video: Is Hillary Clinton Dying?

Hillary Clinton arrives in Jodphur India on Tuesday AP PhotoSunil Verma foxnews-com

people celebrate. Is Hillary aka Jezebel dying? Watch this comical video; very funny! not to be taken seriously …

MK Ultra: The REAL Reason Shaq FROZE For 40 Seconds On LIVE TV


Shaquille Oneil was on live sport entertainment media and froze for 40 seconds straight. The truth

BREAKING: Deerfield Illinois Bans Assault Weapons & Infringes On Constitutional Rights

A man target shooting at a gun range

VIDEO posted by FOX news: Deerfield, Illinois residents must turn in their guns …

Truthers Vindicated: Mainstream Now Reports On Walmart Super Centers Turned Into FEMA CAMPS


BREAKING: Truthers Vindicated Mainstream Now Reports On Walmart Super Centers Turned Into FEMA CAMPS – The conspiracy theory has existed since the late 1970s