Thousands Of Himalayan Salt Lamps Catching Fire At Night

himalayan salt lamp photo credit - ethical ocean com 2017

Thousands Of Himalayan Salt Lamps Catching Fire At Night

first published on Rodale’s Organic Life:

himalayan salt lamp photo credit - ethical ocean com 2017


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If you’re up on the latest wellness trends, you’ll know that Himalayan salt lamps are at the top of everyone’s Amazon wish-lists right now. But before you hit the checkout button, you’ll want to make sure the one sitting in your shopping cart isn’t going to catch fire while you sleep. 
Salt lamps are exactly what they sound like—a big chunk of salt with a light bulb inside. It’s said that the light bulb heats up the salt, causing it to release negative ions into the air that allegedly improve allergy symptoms, decrease anxiety, and generally promote good vibes. Many people like to leave them on while they sleep because they say the salt helps them breathe easier and because the low pink light makes a soothing nightlight. (Intrigued? Here are 3 things you should know before you get a salt lamp.)But you may want to leave your salt lamp unplugged tonight. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, three types of salt lamps made by the brand Lumière are at risk of overheating and potentially igniting at the dimmer switch and outlet plug. The lamps in question include the Rock of Gibraltar, Carnival of Lights, and Basket of Rocks models. These were sold at Michael’s craft stores between July and November of last year, and at Click here to see the specific UPCs under recall and get refund information.
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