Presidential Limo On Fire in Washington DC … Trump Protesters!

Screenshot - 1_20_2017 , 5_41_04 PM limo on fire

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Presidential Limo On Fire in Washington DC … Trump Protesters!

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Screenshot - 1_20_2017 , 5_41_04 PM limo on fire
PHOTO CREDIT: @mattpearce


Anti-Trump rioters smashed storefronts, destroyed vehicles and committed other violent, criminal acts in the name of civil disobedience in Washington DC before the 2017 inauguration.

Marching down a street with a banner stating, “Non-peaceful transition,” many rioters covered their faces while others defaced buildings, busted newspaper boxes and set random fires.

It sounds like gunshots going off in this horror scene that looks like the beginning of the next civil war. This is not a protest. It’s a riot and these CHILDREN should be ashamed of themselves. Oh yea, and their parents should really be ashamed of themselves.


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