21st Century Cyber Warfare and Infowar: World War 3 Has Been Declared


We are living during WW3.


We have been brought up to see war as gunfire and bombs falling, however today Alex Jones of Infowars.com has a new view for you to ponder over. What if WW3 was swept in right underneath our noses without it ever having “APPEARED” to been declared? That’s exactly what is happening with this high tech. 21st century. We have had chemical warfare and terrorism for two decades now and recently we are experiencing war in the 21st century via CYBER-WARFARE! DDOS attacks and even Legal Warfare where the executive branch pushes through bills like Dictators making Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press illegal. This is WAR, and its also an info war. We need you on board. Are you with us? If so, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!!!


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