2022 Election Update’ on POLITICALLY INCORRECT w/Host Andrew Shecktor ~ EA Truth Radio

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This is Andy’s LIVE Show from Thursday, November 10, 2022. Thank You For Tuning In & Helping To Keep The Truth Online …

14 Precincts In Alaska Ban Voting Machines…Votes Will Be Hand-Counted


Concerns about voting machines were only worsened last week as the CEO of an election software company, Konnech Corporations, was arrested …

‘Spiritual Battle of Good vs. Evil & Moment of Truth’ on MARS BAR w/Marsi Latimer – 08/21/2022 – EA Truth Radio


Conservative Talk with Recovering Californian, Marsi Latimer … Thank You For Tuning In and Supporting The Truth … Listen Here!

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America’s Top Cybersecurity Agency Admits Voting Machines Are Hackable

Voters Cast Ballots In The Florida Primary Election

The government is finally admitting serious software vulnerabilities in the voting machines used in many states. In an advisory published …