A Tale of Two Speeches: Biden’s SOTU Speech vs. Trump’s CPAC Speech – A Comparison


The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) happens every year around this time, which happens to coincide with the State of the Union Address

A Tale of Two Speeches: Biden’s SOTU Speech vs. Trump’s CPAC Speech – A Comparison

by Mike C Goodwin | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

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Over the past week, a rare opportunity was given to those with a penchant for self-flagellation. Not since the presidential campaign of 2020 (yes, it has only been barely two years,) were we given the opportunity to witness two very different sides of an increasingly divided coin. Then something very odd happened, the coin landed on its side.

Allow me to explain.

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The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) happens every year around this time, which happens to coincide with the State of the Union Address. It just so happens, that a former president (or more accurately the real president) happened to be on hand to address the conference (and the nation.) So it was, that on Saturday night, this president spoke to the crowd (as well as a nation of voters he hopes may be experiencing buyer’s remorse.)

Trump began his speech as he normally does, acknowledging key supporters in the audience with a few comedic lines (his physical appearance as well as his fitness compared to other presidents.) The joviality ended relatively quickly as he launched salvos at the current administration.

Trump’s main contention about the current situation in Ukraine was that a controversial Russian pipeline was halted under his administration only to be resumed by Biden. While the ultimate decision is technically under German authority, Trump can in fact claim credit for slowing the pipeline, though not for stopping it. Biden did waive sanctions against those involved in the pipeline, so claims that he approved the pipeline are not entirely without merit, though again, the ultimate decision was Germany’s.

Trump also pointed to the current prices of gasoline as well as any goods or services affected by those prices (so basically everything you don’t grow yourself.) While the legitimate president did engage in hyperbole (we didn’t have record low prices, but they were a damn sight lower than they are now.) Trump also called for the US to resume energy production on a mass scale, saying the US is now at the whims of foreign governments. Trump specifically pointed to Europe’s reliance on Russian gas and oil.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was also covered, specifically the disastrous way in which US forces were recalled and the resulting attack that cost 13 American lives and left hundreds if not thousands of civilians and allies behind. While the claim of $85 billion is wildly mischaracterized, the point was made ($82.9 billion is the total cost of the Afghanistan Security Forces since 2001, most of that being salaries, training, and infrastructure, not solely equipment.)

Trump highlighted the current border situation as well as the apparent lack of any coherent strategy or goal in containing illegal immigration.

Perhaps the most damning indictment of the current administration was the alleged corruption on behalf of Biden’s son Hunter as well as himself. Citing a video that circulated online where then Vice President Joe Biden brags about withholding foreign aid to get a prosecutor removed from Ukraine, Trump alleged Biden did so to end an investigation. Hunter Biden’s antics would be largely ignored by the media until well after the election (polls suggest if voters had known about the “improprieties” the election would have gone differently.) Trump also mentioned bribery payments from the wife of Moscow’s mayor (Elena Baturina.) The mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, was removed as mayor in 2010, before the payment allegedly took place (doesn’t make it less creepy, just correcting the record.)

Trump asserted that evidence would be forthcoming soon that would vindicate his claims of a rigged, if not flat out stolen, 2020 election. The point was clear, this was not a normal CPAC address, this was a campaign speech (I cleverly pieced this together by the fact that he referenced himself as president several times and stated goals as “we will accomplish X.”) The message was clear and energetically delivered with exaggerations expected from Trump. He has not forgiven nor forgotten those who stole the election. A crime he intends to rectify.

Tuesday evening on the other hand, while the world pondered nuclear warheads in their near future, the State of the Union was delivered by Biden. Some of those watching were probably rooting for those nukes.

The address to congress began in the usual manner, a lot of gladhanding and awkward moments. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh shook hands with people who one year ago were calling him a serial rapist while congressmen accused of being on the side of Jim Crow reborn were smiling with their accusers. Such theatrics would continue well into the evening, along with slurred speech, betrayal of allies, promises of bribes as well as threats to an enemy (like Shakespeare, but performed by a drunk guy.)

Biden began by declaring unity again in spite of COVID-19 (very intriguing timing of the mask requirements being lifted. Purely coincidental, I’m certain.) The fake president then went on to declare us all united with an “unwavering resolve that freedom will always triumph over tyranny.” If you’re a fan of combative, identity politics, worry not it makes a (not at all surprising,) appearance in before too long.

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Biden then began in earnest by confronting the very obvious dilemma confronting the world at the moment (Ukraine wants Ukraine to be a nation, Russia? Not so much.)

In a moment of bipartisan ovation (despite accusations from the past five years, apparently the Republican Party is not, in fact, former KGB moles,) Biden declared that President Putin had met a “wall of resistance he never imagined.” The unstoppable wall of resistance from NATO revolves around financial sanctions, arming the Ukraine resistance, and buying $700 million of oil from Russia every day (yup. I wouldn’t have imagined that either.)

Biden also declared the US Justice Department would be assembling a task force to target Russian oligarchs by seizing property. US and European allies would also close off air space as well. Biden made it clear that US troops would not be directly engaging Russian forces in Ukraine, and that the response would be to target the Russian economy.

While the Russian economy is largely reliant on the sale of fossil fuels, the United States continues to stifle domestic production.  This policy is based on the view that climate change, not a nuclear armed former super-power with a few grudges, is our biggest threat. Indeed, John Kerry, the president’s special climate envoy said, the real victim of this conflict would be the climate (yes, that is a thing that happened. A man seriously said that while people are being killed. Luckily nuclear winter might cancel out global warming.) Luckily Biden did promise to release 60 million barrels of oil from strategic reserves around the world (the same reserves that Trump stocked up, and the US alone uses 20 million per day which means we have 3 days of oil, according Statista.com.)

Biden’s rhetoric was greeted with solidarity as congress largely applauded his stance while wearing Ukraine flag lapel pins (literally the least you could do other than the hashtag campaign his staffers did last time Russia invaded Ukraine, while he was vice president.) Biden did refer to Putin as a dictator, saying that his kind would need to face consequences, or as history teaches, “they cause more chaos.” Biden reiterated that the NATO alliance was created to confront such a threat.

Biden then reassured the world that “Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.” Yup. Feel the reassurance Iran (?)

Biden next handled any anxiety over our own economy as only a lifelong politician can. Much like former President Bill Clinton’s strategy of “I feel your pain,” Biden regaled the assembled millionaires of tales of Scranton PA and challenging times. Luckily, there is an answer, massive and unrestricted government spending. Biden cited the impressive numbers of jobs “created” by his administration last year as proof of his success. Just one problem…

See, when the government shuts down businesses and people lose their jobs, it is not the fault of the economy. It is an artificial downturn. When the government, in its infinite wisdom then decides to let you work again, they count your getting your job back (if you are lucky,) as a job they created.

Biden then said the way America would compete in the future would not be innovation, supply side economics, nor lowering the corporate tax rates to encourage companies to stay in the US, no, the answer is bridges. Biden said modernizing roads with an eye towards “climate justice,” would make us the envy of the world, somehow (racist rainclouds must be punished.)

Curiously, Biden mentioned something Trump had campaigned on as well as attempted. An “America First” approach to manufacturing, logistics, and supply in both classic industrial applications (steel, concrete, cars, etc.) and technological products. The mention of making a new Silicon Valley in the Midwest caught the attention of several in the defense industry. It is well known that currently, Taiwan is the producer of technological components. With China poised to seize this territory, moving the US dependence on Taiwan to a domestic supplier signals that Taiwan may be up for grabs. This was a sentiment Trump himself stated as a national security issue during his presidency (especially regarding medical equipment during the COVID pandemic.)

Biden also mentioned drug companies as well as calling for an end to cancer as we know it (guess every other president has been pro-cancer.) He did so by mentioning insulin prices and how he intends to cut drug prices (despite cancelling a Trump era executive order that did just that.)

Several standard promises were made (childcare being the main standout) as well as calls for community colleges, Pell grants, minimum wages, forced unionization, and investment in renewable infrastructure. This begged the question of where the money would come from? Other people, that’s who. Yes, rich people (who pay most of the taxes in this country) have not been paying their “fair share” (most is not fair enough, comrade.) Biden also highlighted a G7 agreement as well as 130 other nations to agree on a global minimum tax rate (can’t agree on much but taking people’s money is the international language.)

Then the illegitimate president sent Fredo out in the boat…


Biden called for funding the police. Investing in crime prevention and community policing. Needless to say, Black Lives Matter as well as several of the president’s “allies” in his own party were none too pleased. $350 billion was proposed to hire more police officers as well as community violence interruption programs.

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Luckily, Biden regained his senses in the eyes of his party when he took a moment to call everyone who didn’t support his federal control of elections to now being engaged in voter suppression (Ukraine, the apparent bastion of democracy under siege? They require ID. Guess Jim Crow-vonivic is alive and well.)

Then old Fredo caught another shot from Michael’s crony (Godfather references are always fun when overused.)

After calling his Supreme Court nominee one of the nation’s top legal minds (as well as being able to check two very important, some might say necessary, boxes,) Biden angered the open borders crowd.

“Folks, if we are to advance liberty and justice, we need to secure our border and fix our immigration system.” Biden said (wait, no, yup that was Biden.) Biden went on highlight patrols with Mexico and Guatemala to target human traffickers.

Biden closed by calling for a Unity Agenda (unify behind him, you bigot,) saying that the state of our union was strong because the American people are strong (Trump said that too, plagiarism is a hard habit to break.)

Well, actually he ended by saying “Go get ‘em,” but I haven’t the foggiest idea who “’Em” are, much less why we should be getting them.

That was the State of the Union. Notice something odd? A typical State of the Union touts the accomplishments of previous year. This was a list of bribes, promises and lip service to placate a base. In short, this too was a campaign speech.

The difference was, while Trump’s CPAC speech was almost indistinguishable from previous speeches, Biden cut loose some of the far-left members of his constituency, trying to recapture his “sensible moderate” image that he relied on to get elected. The reason for this is clear: the administration is expecting a crushing midterm and hopes to pivot to the middle in time. The strategy currently seems hopeless at best. Biden’s numbers among independents and moderates continues to fall, which makes turning his back on the far-left a gamble, but 8 months is a hell of a long time for dice to roll.

So, there it is, I watched the speeches for you. You missed nothing (that’s not fair, there were several gaffes and a very odd moment where Nancy Pelosi stood up and rubbed her fists together like a praying mantis. No, I’m serious, look it up on YouTube. Stuff of nightmares.)

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