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Mailchimp Employees Unhappy With Intuit’s Handling of Buyout


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Intuit and Mailchimp Made Headlines In September When It Was Announced Intuit Would Be “Buying Out” The Email Service …

Mailchimp Employees Unhappy With Intuit’s Handling of Buyout

Matt Milano with WebProNews reports:


Mailchimp employees are not happy with how Intuit is handling the buyout of their company, complaining of decreased wages and lost benefits.

Intuit and Mailchimp made headlines in September when it was announced Intuit would be acquiring the email marketing service for $12 billion. Mailchimp’s platform is a natural compliment to Intuit’s small business tools.

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Unfortunately, it appears the merger is being grossly mishandled, according to Mailchimp employees that spoke with Business Insider. Some employees have discovered their pay will be lower working for Inuit than Mailchimp, and many employees saw their health benefits expire Sunday.

“The general feeling from those I’m speaking to is that the transition has been so badly handled that the only explanation is that Intuit wants to drive attrition,” one employee said.

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