5 Signs of Unhealthy Soul Ties and How To Have Victory


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5 Signs of Unhealthy Soul Ties and How To Have Victory

5 Signs of Unhealthy Soul Ties and How To Have Victory

Curt Landry Ministries writes:

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The soul is made up of our mind, will, and emotions. Therefore, an unhealthy soul tie is formed when our mind, will, and emotions are tied to or directed by anyone or anything other than the Holy Spirit.

Do you find yourself making any of the following statements? If so, then there are likely unhealthy soul ties that the Lord wants to break off of you…

  • I dwell on and think about someone or something in my past, and this evokes a strong emotional response that leads to shame, regret, loneliness, doubt, unbelief, or the like.
  • My emotions and feelings depend on and change based on another person’s happiness or contentment.
  • The relationship I have with this person causes me stress and anxiety.
  • I want to be free from feelings of doubt and hopelessness regarding a particular relationship.
  • I feel responsible for this person’s success, happiness, and growth.

Where Do Unhealthy Soul Ties Come From?

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