Prophetic Word: The Beginning of the Restoration of Bridal Love


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Prophetic Word: The Beginning of the Restoration of Bridal Love

Prophetic Word: The Beginning of the Restoration of Bridal Love

Amy Sutherland with Charisma Magazine prophesies:

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This morning while in the middle of an encounter with the Lord, I heard very clearly “I am redeeming every part of your being” and “no longer will you remember the shame of your youth.”

I physically felt the Lord’s passionate fire manifesting on my body, with waves of laughter following, and throughout the encounter intimate, great depths of joy vibrated over my being. Truly the Lord’s words are pure, living and active.

I immediately knew this was not only a personal encounter, but symbolically He is removing shame off His bride in this hour in its deepest layer that she may experience a greater depth of attachment to His heart.

The Spirit of the Lord is saying there is a new level of healing for all in the body of Christ, even “the healed.” As I sat with the Spirit on this, I saw many who had been healed in the sense of there was no sign of reaction or trauma. You had done the work on your end in the Spirit and in the natural.

But in the Spirit, the Lord said, “I am redeeming you, every part, the places that have left you with questions, lack of understanding and wonderment.” His blood has bought every place of you, even covering your experiences and that which you have not understood about yourself for the purpose of trusting His touch, that He may remain in you and you in Him; oneness. “Do not fear, for your shame is no more. Do not be embarrassed, for you will not be disgraced.

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