FBI Warns Workers and Employers About New Phishing SCAM Involving Direct Deposit


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FBI Warns Workers and Employers Who Get Paychecks Via Direct Deposit: New Phishing Scam!

FBI Warns Workers and Employers About New Phishing SCAM Involving Direct Deposit

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Workers who think direct deposit is a guarantee that their paychecks will make it into their bank accounts might want to think again now that FBI has issued a warning that says scammers are trying to reroute paychecks.

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The FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Center issued an alert Tuesday warning consumers who receive paychecks via direct deposit and employers who issue checks that way.

“The IC3 has received complaints reporting cybercriminals are targeting the online payroll accounts of employees in a variety of industries. Institutions most affected are education, health care, and commercial airway transportation,” the FBI warned.

The FBI explained how the scam usually works.

“Cybercriminals target employees through phishing emails designed to capture an employee’s login credentials. Once the cybercriminal has obtained an employee’s credentials, the credentials are used to access the employee’s payroll account in order to change their bank account information,” the FBI said.

The FBI said the employee often has no idea this is taking place.

“Rules are added by the cybercriminal to the employee’s account preventing the employee from receiving alerts regarding direct-deposit changes. Direct deposits are then changed and redirected to an account controlled by the cybercriminal, which is often a prepaid card,” it said.

The FBI warned employers to be on the lookout for changes in employees’ direct-deposit credentials and to stress with employees that they should be suspicious of emails asking for personal information.

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