Stand Up For Israel: Protect Her Against Palestinians Terror Attacks


Stand Up For Israel: Protect Her Against Palestinians Terror Attacks

There Have Been ‘Multiple Murderous’ ATTACKS Carried Out By Palestinians This Year




The latest brutal murder of an innocent Israeli citizen was carried out by a Palestinian teenager. Where do young people learn such hatred and violence? Sadly, it is all around them. Television, music, social media, school textbooks, and even cartoons teach Palestinian children to hate the Jewish people. As a result, some of them carry that hatred to its logical conclusion. The results are tragic. All across Israel today, there are families grieving over a loved one taken from them by violence.

There have been a number of murderous attacks carried out by Palestinian terrorists this year: a young father brutally stabbed to death in his family home, a young rabbi killed in Jerusalem, an IDF soldier shot by a sniper near the Gaza border, a father killed while driving home. The list goes on and on. These attacks don’t get much attention from our liberal media, but they are sadly all too common.

My friend U.S. Ambassador David Friedman asked if we would help meet the needs of the precious families who have lost loved ones to terror attacks. As you read this, there are hundreds of people mourning in Israel…fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, children, siblings, dear friends. Even though we’re hard at work on the Friends of Zion Ambassador Institute and our project to provide homes for poor Holocaust survivors, we must respond to this need. Your gift today will help comfort and meet the needs of these grieving families.

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