BREAKING: Could This Be The End of Nike? … or The Beginning?


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BREAKING: Could This Be The End of Nike? … or The Beginning?

Internet Strikes Back Against Failed Nike ‘Just Do It’ Campaign
Shoe company loses billions in market cap

Image Credits: @EthicalLoyal/Twitter.


Social media users pushed back hard against Nike’s new advertisement campaign featuring football-kneeler Colin Kaepernick with memes mocking the athletics company.

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Several memes pointed to Nike’s tagline, noting that U.S. soldiers sacrificed much more for their beliefs and America than a leftist millionaire football player who kneels during the National Anthem.

Since the ad rollout and subsequent backlash, Nike lost nearly $4 billion in market cap, reflecting just how unpopular the NFL kneeling controversy has become to sports fans.

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Regardless of the short-term pain, Nike with its multi-billion $$$s is likely to overcome this challenge and actually come out on top with success of its OWN IN THE TRUMP ERA! YEA THANK TRUMP OR THANK A SOLDIER BETTER YET! 😉

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