BREAKING It's Happening! President Obama and Susan Rice Behind Bars


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BREAKING FOOTAGE: Chemical Warfare in Syria (Viewer Discretion Advised) …

Screenshot - 4_5_2017 , 7_19_55 AM chemical war in syria

This is LIVE footage liable to be taken down at any given time due to the graphic nature. VIEWER DISCRETION IS “STRONGLY” ADVISED!

More Nonsense From "The Klan With A Tan" ... Whites Banned!


Devastating news for white leftists in Philadelphia who wish to support the Black Lives Matter movement by attending the group’s meetings.

We're Up Against Some SICK Pedophiles In Government & Hillary is a Lesbian


Bottomline, a lot of “creepy” stuff is going on inside the elites’ domains. Keep up the good fight.

STUNNING Prediction Senate Majority Leader Makes About Neil Gorsuch Confirmation


Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is as confident as ever that Republicans will come out on top again.

Truly God-Driven Strides Pres. Trump is Making To Reduce Trade Deficit, Increase Jobs


President Donald J Trump is making strides on bringing jobs back to America and reducing our trade deficit. This should make fiscal conservatives happy.

April Fools Day: Alex Jones is a DEAD Comedian


Today is April’s Fools Day and this is no joke, but I may have been the fool, and I don’t want you to be either.