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Elon Musk Suffered COVID Jab Injury: ‘I had major side effects’


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Elon Musk joins a growing number of individuals reporting serious adverse events following reception of the COVID jabs

Elon Musk Suffered COVID Jab Injury: ‘I had major side effects’

LifeSiteNews reports:

IMAGE VIA euronews.com

Billionaire entrepreneur and Twitter owner Elon Musk announced that he had “major side effects” after taking his “second booster shot” of the COVID jabs. The illness he experienced after the booster left him wondering if he would suffer “permanent damage” from the injection.

In a tweet shared Saturday morning, the Tesla and SpaceX founder shared that following reception of his “second booster” he “felt like [he] was dying for several days,” before adding a hopeful note that no “permanent damage” may have been caused.

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Musk’s tweet was made in response to a Rasmussen report shared by author and cartoonist Scott Adams, which noted that in a poll on COVID shot safety, of the 68 percent of adults in the U.S. who said they received a COVID shot, 7 percent indicated suffering “major side effects.” The poll surveyed 1000 people, with Rasmussen extrapolating the data to suggest that as many as 12 million American adults could have suffered major adverse events following reception of the shots.

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