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How Google Manipulated the 2020 Election


Google used censorships and blacklists, among other methods, to aid the Biden presidential campaign …

How Google Manipulated the 2020 Election

IFA Pray writes:


Father, we pray that You would hold big tech accountable for their actions. Prevent them from eroding our election integrity even further, Lord.

Newly released information reveals that Google used censorships and blacklists, among other methods, to aid the Biden presidential campaign.

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Kanekoa’s Newsletter reports:

For many of us, using the internet means using Google. As the number one visited website in the world Google receives 5.6 billion searches per day controlling more than 90 percent of global search traffic.

Searching for something is just another way of saying googling it and watching a video means using YouTube – a Google subsidiary. …

In other words, our minds, our political beliefs, and our world views are inseparably linked to Google’s search results, but Google is no longer an objective source of information, and the tech giant is actively censoring what we see.

Eternal Affairs Media at has experienced A LOT of Harassment by Big Tech

In August of 2019, Senior Google engineer, Zachary Vorhies leaked 950 pages of internal documents providing evidence of Google’s use of blacklist, censorship, and machine learning algorithms to rig the 2020 election.

Latest Search Engine Position Tracking STATS for Eternal Affairs Media at – we should be ranking much higher for some of these primary terms

This particular blacklist shows hundreds of conservative websites which were censored on Android’s news search results. There is an obvious political bias. …

Eternal Affairs Media’s primary domain – – has been BLACKLISTED SEVERAL TIMES
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