Infant Formula Shipped to Border While US Babies Go Hungry


Destroying the food supply is the plan – Infant formula shipped to border while US babies go hungry

As Usual, In Biden’s Economy, Illegals Come First … Infant Formula Shipped to Border While US Babies Go Hungry

Natural News reports:


While America’s infants are faced with starvation, the Biden regime — thrust into power through a criminally rigged “election” — has been shipping pallets of infant formula to the US southern border to feed the babies of illegal immigrants.

This is yet more proof of the “America last” policy of the Biden regime, which seems to go to great lengths to punish the American people and dismantle America’s infrastructure.

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So while Biden and the US Congress send 40 billion to Ukraine, and feed all the babies of illegals at the border, the American people are punished and forced to foot the bill for everything, even while their own babies starve.

Welcome to Biden’s new America.

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