Prophecy: God’s Army Is Emerging Locked and Loaded


A Clarion Call to Reunite

Prophecy: God’s Army Is Emerging Locked and Loaded

Brandi Cunningham with Charisma Magazine writes:


I see a spiritual army rising up, weapons of warfare in place and faces set; completely focused on Jesus and what He has asked them to do. This is an army not to be messed with and not to be taken lightly.

Satan had tactics that he used to bring division among the body of Christ over the last two and a half years, but he has not prevailed entirely. There is a remnant that has gathered, stronger than ever before. The church has awakened, and many in the body of Christ have become serious warriors where they were once sitting on the sidelines.

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A Clarion Call to Reunite

The Lord says that this is a clarion call to reunite. Those who have been wayward from church are now being called back to find home churches again. It is time to find your place in the war, and if you know anything about the military, this means being submitted under authority. In the kingdom, we are only as powerful as we are submitted. This is an exhortation to find your place in the body of Christ—to once again go back to fellowshipping closely with other believers, reunited.

A Changing of the Guard and a Season of Promotion

I hear that it is time for the changing of the guard. I believe this not only refers to political matters, but to leaders of ministries, businesses and churches as well. The Lord has anointed and appointed those in the next generation to step up and prepare to take their places as leaders in the body—but first, those who are leading now will shift into other rolls.

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Onward Soldier!

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