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The “Poop-Mobile” … Biden’s Little Accident While Meeting The Pope


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The “Poop-Mobile” … Biden’s Little Accident While Meeting The Pope

The “Poop-Mobile” … Biden’s Little Accident While Meeting The Pope

Conservative Cartoonist, Ben Garrison writes:

IMAGE VIA Ben Garrison / grrrgraphics.com

Biden’s meeting with the Pope has given a whole new meaning to “Holy Sh*t!”

You heard of the “pope mobile?” Check out Biden’s “poop mobile”

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There’s a substantive rumor out of Rome that Joe Biden had an ‘accident’ while meeting with the Pope. A change of suits was involved. Why are we telling you this? Why is it important? Because Sleepy Joe has already exhibited mental incompetence.

Now he’s displaying his incontinence.

Joe needs to be kept away from the nuclear football and be kept near the men’s room.

Dementia Joe is completely corrupt. He stinks. Literally.

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