Exciting New Event You Don’t Want To Miss: Rosh Hashanah 2021 – New Beginnings – Phoenix AZ


Exciting New Event You Don’t Want To Miss: Rosh Hashanah 2021 – New Beginnings – Phoenix AZ

Featuring Jonathan Cahn, Mario Murillo, Jonathan Bernis, Dr David & Stephanie Herzog, and Steve Swanson

Presented by David Herzog Ministries:


The New Year on God’s calendar known as the ‘Head of the Year’ occurs this September. What is the prophetic word God saying for these next 12 months and how can you position yourself for what’s coming?

This September during Rosh Hashanah is one of those ‘must be there’ times as many of America’s earth shaking events have happened during the fall feasts notably in September! You want to be positioned in the right place at the right time now more than ever before given the current events unfolding.

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When God moves and world changing events occur they often occur during the fall feats historically! What is God about to do to SHIFT America and the nations back on course with God’s plans? God is about to unleash the greatest outpouring and harvest we have ever seen during the greatest shakings and cause a disturbance in the forces of darkness!

You see historically the greatest moves of God came right at the most pivotal and seemingly darkest hours in history. There is a divine set up taking place to cause God’s people to seek Him like never before! He is the answer and He answers by fire, glory, revival, harvest and awakening when we come together at the most crucial times in history.

You might have pressed through a very hard season but if you press and stand your ground, breakthrough is coming during Rosh Hashanah

God is about to shake America like never before this September during Rosh Hashanah! September during the fall feasts is often when new earthshaking moves of God occur and entire paradigm shifts happen worldwide both in the spiritual and natural realms.

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This year will kick off the year 5782, as eight is the number of new beginnings, something so new that no generation has lived to see what we are about to witness!

Prophets have prophesied of a major spiritual seismic shift that is about to change everything we know as “normal.” We are going to be one of the first ones positioned to catch the first glimpses of heaven literally coming down touching the earth and from this place spread it across America and the world!

New Year actually starts on God’s heavenly calendar actually called “Rosh Hashanah!” All the prophetic words we have been getting for 2022, about major HUGE revivals that will be a culmination of every great move of God ever released (The former rain) plus the latter rain that God has reserved just for our generation that past generations so wish they could witness, will actually start to occur in September (not January) during God’s New Year! You will be getting a front row seat and a foretaste of 2022, start to tap into the future blessings now!

When you show up to this feast you get to be the first to jump into the “New Thing” God is about to unleash across America and on the earth. We have never been more excited about an event as we are this one!

This event brought to you by David Herzog Ministries will take place on:
September 2-5, 2021 in PHOENIX, ARIZONA


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