MO Congressman Says Voting “Most Fundamental Pillars of Our Constitutional Republic” – “Protect It All Costs” …


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MO Congressman Says Voting “Most Fundamental Pillars of Our Constitutional Republic” – “Protect It All Costs” …

Missouri Congressman Jason Smith Says Voting “Most Fundamental Pillars of Our Constitutional Republic” – “Protect It All Costs” …

by Curtis “Ray Biselliano” Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media


In a recent newsletter sent out to his Southeast MO Constituents, something he does regularly, Republican Congressman Jason Smith said the following:


“In the United States, every living citizen over the age of eighteen has the right to vote. This is one of the most fundamental pillars of our constitutional republic and we must protect it at all costs. If the criteria for voter eligibility are not being met, public trust in our elections and our government will inevitably erode. That’s why the American people should question the outcome of this election based on the allegations of voter fraud that occurred. From reports of deceased individuals casting ballots in Georgia, to ballot tampering in Pennsylvania – the list goes on and on.”

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You know? he’s right! As a Nation, We stand at a fork in the road! At the end of the day, either The People are in control of their government (which is what Trump wants) or we are being oppressed by a tyrannical regime (which is what the cheating, lying & stealing Democrat Socialists want)!

THE PEOPLE have AWOKEN from their slumber and have rightfully taken back their government with the election of President Donald J Trump in 2016 (and ALSO in 2020). But, of course, ‘the powers that be & have been for centuries’ don’t like losing control so they are fighting like demons being thrown into the lake of fire, or swamp creatures twirling down the drain! GOD WINS! HE’S STILL ON THE THRONE, MISSOURI! GOD IS IN CONTROL! NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING!

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I’m humbly grateful that you take the time to send out these newsletters, Congressman Smith! It shows where your heart truly is, and that is to SERVE YOUR CONSTITUENTS. The way it SHOULD BE. The Swamp needs to TAKE A LESSON from you, SIR!

MO is a Proud Red State!

These newsletters are nothing new for Jason, and he doesn’t miss a week! That’s why Missouri voted for him again in 2020!
Read Jason’s Full Statement Here!

God bless you!

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