Another Tale of MAGA Hat Derangement Syndrome … From One of Our Own

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Another Tale of MAGA Hat Derangement Syndrome … From One of Our Own

by Bryan Egelhoff | Contributor | Eternal Affairs Media

A guy outside saw me as he walked by and burst through the door demanding I take off my [MAGA] HAT. He said it three times. He was much bigger than me.

I just smiled at him and shook my head, saying nothing. He demanded three times for me to take off my hat. I just stood my ground smiling and shaking my head each time.

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He stepped forward and reached for my hat.

In a circular motion, I grabbed his wrist and deflected his grab with a swirl leaving him wide open… waiting for his next move. (I didn’t want to do anything drastic because I was on the job)

Just then Bob, 6’1″, the guy behind the counter jumped between us eyeball to eyeball with this guy shouting.


The guy turned and left, while streaming insults I won’t repeat…

Again, Bully’s are Cowards. If you stand up to them they will run screaming and cursing.

Thanks Bob for the backup although it wasn’t needed.

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