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Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol Arrests Gang Members and Sexual Predator


EDINBURG, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley identified members of the Mara SalvatruchaRGV agents continue to encounter gang members and predators and 18th Street gangs as well as a sexual predator.

Early Tuesday morning, agents apprehended a Salvadoran national near McAllen, Texas, whose records checks revealed him as an MS-13 gang member.

The following day, agents working in Falfurrias, Texas, arrested a Mexican man attempting to circumvent the checkpoint. During processing, the man admitted to being an MS-13 gang member.

Shortly after, agents assigned to the McAllen station arrested a Salvadoran man near Hidalgo, Texas, whose record checks confirmed is an 18th Street gang member.

This morning, Falfurrias agents apprehended a Salvadoran national near Encino, Texas. During processing, it was discovered the man has an outstanding warrant for sexual assault by the Denver Police Department.

The Border Patrol is processing the subjects accordingly.

The public is encouraged to take a stand against crime in their communities and to help save lives by reporting suspicious activity at 800-863-9382.



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