SHOCKING: Is John McCain Really Dead or Was He Put To Death?

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SHOCKING: Is John McCain Really Dead?

by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

UPDATE 9-7-18: Was McCain PUT TO DEATH by Military Tribunal?

This article is by no means written out of disrespect for the dead nor the family. As Americans, where this man once had the duty to serve the people, it is our RIGHT TO QUESTION! We need to to always seek the truth.

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I already speculated on this later today. I posted to my Facebook wall this question and to my surprise a lot of people believe John McCain just may NOT be dead.



It was actually my 1st thought along with many others.

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Yes, I understand he was 81 years old, but most people in the QAnon Truther community believe he was faking having cancer all together. It was might convenient considering the times of The Trump Administration that ONE DAY AFTER his family releases the statement he’ll be discontinuing cancer treatment, He DIES!

Don’t get me wrong .. If he’s TRULY dead, I pray to God he found Jesus on his deathbed and repenting for his sins. I also pray for the comfort and peace of his loved ones during this hard time. This article is by no means written out of disrespect for the dead nor the family. As Americans, where this man once had the duty to serve the people, it is our RIGHT TO QUESTION! We need to to always seek the truth.

Above Top Secret asked this same question which led me to publish this here:

What say Above Top Secret members? I am having a hard time buying off on it. I think there are just too many weird things going on these days and McCain’s death is too convenient with what is being investigated regarding the Weiner laptop, the real Russian collusion, and his own corruption.

“Let’s pray not only for our loved ones, but for our enemies for it is instructed by God to do so. I pray for Sen. John McCain and his soul.” ~ Curtis R Bizelli (Read My 9-7-18 Update on MILITARY TRIBUNALS HERE!) …  

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