LIVE UPDATE: 10 Dead & 10 Injured In Sante Fe TX High School Shooting


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BREAKING: 8 Dead and 3 Hospitalized In Sante Fe TX School Shooting

by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

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UPDATE 5-22-18 1034 AM: It is confirmed now that there are 10 casualties and an additional 10 injured in this deadly shooting. The left is already politicizing the event to take away firearms from law abiding citizens.

UPDATE 1131 AM:  Explosive packages have been found on campus as well as off campus.

Fox News has been reporting on this developing story where an apparent gunman opened fire at a High School in Sante Fe, Texas this morning.

It is reported now that at least 8 are dead and several more injured with 3 hospitalized (2 adults and 1 under the age of 18).

One Police Officer was clipped with what we assume to be a minor gunshot wound.

Furthermore, one male suspect is reported to be in custody as well as another “person of interest”.

President Donald Trump addressed the shooting give his condolences saying its a “very sad day”.


UNCONFIRMED: Infowars is reporting that 12 have been killed and and additional 12 injured …????? (it is now confirmed 10 dead – 10 injured) …


… more information will be available at 11:45am. Follow our RSS Feed for updates!

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