The Deep State Is Hell-Bent On Deleting This Video Of David Hogg!

Why Did Facebook Remove This Video Of David Hogg If They Had Nothing To Hide?

by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media


The video below shows a Lametream broadcast gone bad when so called “student journalist” forgets his lines after the Parkland, Florida shooting. Some may say he was nervous or in shock but I’ve spoken with expert lie detectors who say he’s blatantly lying. They know this by his eye movements. In addition to that, its quite clear he’s NOT just nervous or in shock. He has literally forgotten what he’s SUPPOSED to say! On top of that, after this video went VIRAL on Facebook, Facebook decided to remove the video. WHY? What are they hiding?

My message to the world elite including Suckerberg’s New World Order Facebook is this:

You can’t win this fight!!!

We will find the dirt on you and KEEP republishing it! The TRUTH always prevails. God wins in the end!

Seek the truth, peeps! These are false flags designed to take your guns away!

The 2nd amendment shall NOT be infringed, period.


As you can see, the video was ONCE AGAIN removed also from Youtube.
Here is a screenshot of our 2nd Youtube strike:
Screenshot - 2_27_2018 , 7_34_53 AM david hogg youtube video removal and 2nd strike ea media
This MUST stop. The war is on!
If you look at the search results on Youtube for “David Hogg Forgets Lines”, you’ll see its nothing but LIBERAL PROPAGANDA!!! They are hell-bent on destroying any SHRED of the TRUTH in this matter and it MUST STOP!
Screenshot - 2_27_2018 , 7_38_55 AM a look at a search for david hogg forgets lines on youtube bullshit
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